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v0.21.0 Release Notes

Welcome to PIICatcher v0.21.0 release (June 2023). Check out our blog post here for more details!


  • BigQuery support for DBCat (issue 186, Pull Request 61)
  • BigQuery support for PIICatcher (issue 186, Pull Request 224)
  • Addition of PII types by updating column and datum detectors (Pull Requests 221 and 222)

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed bug in RedShift scanning (issue 197, Pull Request 213) thanks to Mateuszboryn
  • Deep scan scanning column names for candidates (issue 68)
  • Dependencies issues raised by dependabot (Pull Requests 219 and 220)
  • Change of regex library used (issue 216, Pull Requests 221 and 222)

Upcoming Updates

  • Athena support for PIICatcher
  • Improve MySQL query in DBCat for larger relational databases (issue 190)